At a reception in the Berger Atrium on April 22, Professor Charles K.Whitehead received the 16th annual Anne Lukingbeal Award. Named after its first recipient, Associate Dean and Dean of Students Anne Lukingbeal, the award is presented to a member of the faculty or staff who has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the women of Cornell. The Women’s Law Coalition (WLC), a student organization that advocates for women at the Law School and in the legal profession through educational outreach and philanthropic activities, established the award in 1999. Recipients are selected through a vote of the students. Past recipients include Professor Sheri Lynn Johnson, Professor Bernadette Meyler, Vice Dean and Professor Barbara Holden-Smith, Assistant Dean Karen Comstock, Professor Sherry Colb, and Professor Michelle Whelan.

“[Professor Whitehead] is a wonderful professor, advisor, and mentor,” said former WLC president Christine Kim, speaking at the reception. Kim recognized Whitehead “for the commitment he has demonstrated to advancing women in the legal profession” and made special note of his “invaluable” contributions to the WLC’s annual “Raising the Bar” conference. 

Accepting the award, Whitehead told attendees, “I was touched and honored to learn I would receive the Anne Lukingbeal Award. Few things are as important to teachers as the impact they can have on the lives of the students they have the privilege of knowing and teaching. And, at Cornell, it is a real privilege, one that my colleagues and I have the honor of sharing every day.” 

He added, “There is a strong sense of community here that outside these walls is a lot less common than you might expect. Perhaps it’s because we’re in Ithaca or perhaps it’s the weather, but I’m certain it’s in no small part due to the strength of character that brought you to Myron Taylor Hall in the first place. I’ve had the chance to get to know many of you, and it would be hard to assemble a more decent, a more thoughtful group of people.  And so I’m particularly proud to be a part of this community, studying with and learning from a remarkable group of young professionals.”